Services Offered

Commercial Window Cleaning & Contract Cleaning

Unharnessed ladders contravene Health and Safety regulations in most workplaces, but water fed poles eliminate the need for ladders and reach most higher levels on Commercial properties. Office blocks with large glass frontages are no problem, and all equipment is safety compliant with full Public Liability Insurance in place. Nursing homes, large private homes and small offices are our speciality, and treated with complete professionalism and security consciousness, so clients can relax in confidence.

  • Fully trained, uniformed operatives.
  • Full Public Liability Insurance Cover.
  • Full Health & Safety Risk Assessment Compliance.
  • Covering a 10 mile radius of Burton-on-Trent.
  • Safe non-intrusive ladderless cleaning of all UPVC windows & frames.
  • Efficient, reliable regular cleaning tailored to your specified schedule.

UPVC Windows, Fascias and Guttering

British weather can wreak havoc on any home with dirt, moss and bird droppings building up in guttering or on conservatory roofs. Without the right equipment, removing it is a lengthy grimy chore, but we can shift blockages from guttering and clean soffits, fascias or conservatory roofing in a fraction of the time it would take you, leaving them looking much better and in some cases, like new! Years of build-up in gutters weighs them down and causes costly damage, but getting them cleaned is a cost effective solution that will last and give you peace of mind.

  • Guttering cleared, cleaned and repaired if necessary.
  • Conservatory roofing cleared of moss build-up & bird droppings.
  • Soffits & Fascias cleaned to look like new.

Specialist Solar Panel and UPVC frame cleaning

Solar panels lose efficiency over time as dirt and mossy build-up accumulates. It can be cleaned off twice a year to keep performance at optimum levels & improve efficiency by up to 40%

UPVC window frames can develop dark streaks or get condensation between panes which no amount of cleaning will remove. New windows can be expensive, but having just the faulty panes or units replaced can get your house looking fresh and new again. We have contact details of specialists who can replace individual units where required.

  • Specialist Solar panel cleaning. (Residential panels only)
  • Replacement service for faulty/fogged up UPVC units where required.

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